Charles Bach | Products for Magicians
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Products for Magicians

A unique line of magic products exclusively designed for professional magicians.

The Watch Steal Video DVD

$34.95 + p/h

Finally…A professionally made, Broadcast-Quality video that shows you how to steal and return ANY type of watch, including, for the FIRST TIME EVER, the Rolex-type expandable band! The Master of Stealing Watches: the late Chappy Brazil and Illusionist Charles Bach show you, step-by-step, how to remove and return the watch as part of a Magic presentation, routines to lead into the steal, how to practice, and much more!

Get this terrific video on DVD with a special 30 minute BONUS section featuring cameos by Super-stars of magic Jeff McBride, Jeff Hobson, Apollo Robbins, Scott Hitchcock, Eric Buss, John Shryock, and Chris Dugdale! Each shows more ways to reveal, what to do when you get caught, and much more.

The Hand Dragon

$165.00 + p/h

IMAGINE…being able to control a flame shooting from your hand…Make the flame grow from a height of three or four inches to a height of up to 18 inches…and then, completely vanish. This effect is perfect for television appearances, stage acts, and it makes you look great! (We all look better by fire light) Each Hand Dragon device is hand crafted and tested before being shipped out. A limited number of only 250 Hand Dragons will be produced and sold. Order now.