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Charles Bach has years of experience performing for guests from around the world, numerous languages and younger or older audience demographics.  An arts-focused performer who fell in love with magic, dance, puppetry, juggling and theatre early in life.  Charles has a BFA from the University of Iowa and spent years performing with numerous ballet companies, modern dance companies, and production shows. He has continually studied, performed and created magic since the age of 8.  A talented and charismatic performer that works well with your team to make the audience experience full of WOW! 

WONDERS! A Magical Experience is an imaginative, interactive, immersive theatrical experience that blends mind-blowing magic with breath-taking visuals and Willy Wonka Whimsy to create a world where wonders never cease.


Wonders! combines magic, dance, comedy, puppetry and grand illusion. The show fills the stage with imaginative original illusions, beautiful costumes, stories and themes of invention and creativity, playful comedy, audience involvement and flawless dance choreography. (75-90 min) (This show has a cast of 3 including Charles)

***Shows are adaptable to various venue requirements***


A MAGIC WORKSHOP is a chance for students to learn five magic tricks with simple objects from around the house that they can do. This show is scripted with comedy, hands-on audience engagement and gives a personal interaction with the artist that rarely happens on a  theatre tour. (60 min) ***Great arts outreach or master class program***


The UNDERWATER ESCAPE is an incredible promotional event presented in a pool that never fails to amaze. Charles is chained up by six audience members with 100 pounds of chains, locks and shackles and escapes underwater. This amazing event has been seen live by over a million people on cruises around the world.  (20 min) ***Great promotion for theatre shows and events***


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