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Charles Bach is a magician, dancer, illusionist and escape artist. A genuine, contagious enthusiasm makes the audience feel they are part of the magic as Charles transforms a theater into a magical place, filled with joy and wonder.

Charles started doing magic when he was 8 years old after his uncle showed him a card trick. He figured out how to do it and performed the trick the next day for his family. Growing up as a kid, Charles’ life was full of magic and creativity. He built stages and props out of cardboard boxes, floated balls around his room, made puppets from socks, and trained a white dove called ‘Dove Henning’ and a fluffy rabbit ‘Houdini’ to travel and perform at thousands of birthday and Christmas parties.

At 12, Charles started taking dance and acting to help him on stage. His years of ballet, modern and jazz dance training gave him a unique opportunity to study dance at Joffrey Ballet in New York, St. Louis Ballet and Cleveland Ballet. He also performed in musical comedies and plays. In his Wonders Show you will not see Charles doing his tricks in white tights, but you will watch him blending magic, dance and theater like no other magician in the world.

Throughout all his theatrical training and dance performing experiences, Charles continued to perform magic shows, study magic books and create his own original illusions. Eager to perfect his skills and talents, he began performing at Caesar’s Magical Empire in Las Vegas. Following his four-year-long Las Vegas success, Charles was approached by theme parks, resorts, casinos and luxury cruise lines to perform his own show. Charles has amazed and wowed audiences around the globe with his WONDERS show.


He has appeared all over the world, including performances at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and Branson. He has also been seen on the E! Entertainment Channel, the Discovery Channel and the Food Network, and has made many other appearances on international TV around the world including England, the Netherlands, Norway and Taiwan. Charles’ creativity in magic has been called on to make CEO’s appear or levitate for numerous companies and he has consulted and created magic for ballet companies and other theatrical productions.

Charles is the only magician in the world performing an incredible death-defying Underwater Escape locked in 100 pounds of chains, locks and shackles. This spectacular feat of skill has been performed around the world at large events, on cruise ships and grand openings. As a testament to the genuineness of this performance, men from over 65 different countries have had the experience of chaining Charles up for the escape. In 10 years of Charles Bach performing this escape, over 1,000,000 people have witnessed it LIVE.

Now, Charles has brought new never-before-seen creations from his mind to your stage. Audiences will experience an amazing Keyhole Appearance, wonderful Cloud Levitation, hilarious Psychic Socks and an incredible Cartoon Illusion where the entire audience sees, hears, and even feels the magic in their own seats.


The WONDERS of Charles Bach is not only beautiful and mystifying but also extremely entertaining. Charles creates a truly magical experience for the whole family that is not dark and serious, just fun and amazing. Natural charm and personality, originality, high-energy choreography, beautiful staging with fabulously colorful costumes and props make Charles Bach WONDERS into high-level, first class entertainment.

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