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Pride of America Hawaii



Image by Patrick Ryan



Straightjacket Escape


International Illusionist & Escape Artist

Charles began his magical journey at the age of 8. His story includes all areas of the performing arts, including acting, dance, musical theatre, puppetry, juggling, and more.

Charles Bach is a magician, illusionist and escape artist. A genuine, contagious enthusiasm makes the audience feel they are part of the magic as Charles transforms a theater into a magical place, filled with joy and wonder.

Charles started doing magic when he was 8 years old after his uncle showed him a card trick. He figured out how to do it and performed the trick the next day for his family. Growing up as a kid, Charles’ life was full of magic and creativity. He built stages and props out of cardboard boxes, floated balls around his room, made puppets from socks, and trained a white dove called ‘Dove Henning’ and a fluffy rabbit ‘Houdini’ to travel and perform at thousands of birthday and Christmas parties.

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